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Spectrum of Options_Accessing Services - Shared screen with speaker view
Dorene Zacher
So here is my question. My son is 19 will be 20 in July. Because of the Compensatory Act particular students were allowed to remain in school for additional time due to COVID . Now there will be a higher level of adults seeking adult services at the same time. I have tried to start the process to make sure that when my son ages out in 2024 he has services. How is NJ preparing to help these kids and families
Regina Cioffi
Hi Dorene, did A360 say your child can get Compensatory Ed? Unless it is in the IEP you may not get it.
Melissa Kuper
Question for the Activity: Who can help me? Write down 5 people who can be a natural support.
Adam Cannon
Does the child need to be emancipated in order to get SSI
Adam Cannon
What/when are the presentations that discuss SSI and benefits
Amy Smith
Is there a database/website that has by county who the support service coordinators are and service programs in general?
Amy Smith
Great, thank you!
Thank you!
Soma Sinha
Thank you so much